About Marta

“Growing up in Deer Lodge, I saw how important real economic opportunities are in small-town Montana. Our smaller towns and communities need help to survive and grow. Small businesses are the backbones of communities and families. I learned about hard work and duty when I attended the Air Force Academy and served our country for over 16 years. Service before self has been a guiding principle in my life and I want to continue to serve my friends and neighbors in the Montana Legislature. I hope to bring some civility to the public policy arena.”

Marta is co-owner of Uncommon Ground Realty in Helena and currently serves as the Chair of the Montana City School Board. She is running as a principled, fiscal conservative with a focus on economic growth and development which starts with preserving good paying jobs in the District – whether in wood products, health care, mining, manufacturing, agriculture, or professional services. Equally important will be the need for a quality workforce which begins with access to educational opportunities that align with student interests and meaningful employment opportunities in the private sector.

Marta is a Montana native from Deer Lodge and attended The United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado from 1987-91 and was on active duty and reserves from 1991-2003. She served as a Space Operations Officer as well as an Executive Officer for a U.S. Ambassador stationed abroad. Along with four other businesswomen in 2016, she opened Uncommon Ground Realty in Helena, Montana. She lives in Montana City with her husband of 22 years, Joe Chapman and her two daughters Marrin and Cecelia ‘Celi’